We assosciate trade life with a tree;

Our motto  is "The tree with a strong root bears fine fruit" and with that principal we strengthened our roots together with our father -who has  40 year old experience and labour -  M. Sait Uçak 's  principals and knowledge who picks up the love and respect as his primary thought  and with each gratitude of yours we became much stronger.

On this journey that we proceed with strong steps , there is a facility which consists 21.000 m2 space  coming together from  15.000 m2 outdoor  and  6.000 m2 indoor spaces, yearly minimum  20.000 tons  of processing and packaging capacity and 3.000m3 cold storage depot, in town Belevi  which takes place in İzmir's  Selçuk county.

We have been serving  many national and international companies with our kind and experienced personnel  without sacrificing any standards of ISO9001 and criteria of ISO G.A.P.

Quality Certificates